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 Command Style

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PostSubject: Command Style   Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:49 am

In this thread you will find a list of the various command styles and directions on how to use.

Command Style - This is the final skill you can use in battle, certain skills require training to master and those will be listed as learn-able. At any time you want to, please contact your Elder/Master and ask them to change your Command Style. These moves can only be used 3 times in any one battle and require 4 posts to cool down in between.

Basic Command Style

- Command Style that utilizes slow, but heavy hits to their maximum. The finisher of this Command Style is the user jumping in the air, charging energy and slamming his/her weapon into the ground. The impact creates a huge shock wave. Non Elemental
Critical Impact

- Command Style that puts a large emphasis on overwhelming enemies with wide-ranged, speed-based combos. The finisher of this Command Style consists of a long combo ending with five beams of light. Non Elemental
Fever Pitch

- Utilizes the power of light to levitate the weapon, swiftly attacking enemies. The finisher consists of the user performing a spin attack. Non Elemental
Spell Weaver

- A ranged and versatile Command Style that focuses the weapon to erupt in flames while attacking. The finisher consists of the user jumping in the air, charging energy, and hurling a fireball that erupts into multiple pillars of flame (3). Fire

- An ice-based Command Style that seems to specialize in crowd-control and dealing with multiple enemies. The finisher consists of the user summoning a surrounding ice formation that shatters after a certain time and damages enemies. Ice
Diamond Dust

- A swift Command Style that unleashes powerful lightning upon attacks. The finisher consists of the user summoning a ball of light over his or her weapon then thrusting his or her weapon into it, causing multiple lightning bolts to come out of the energy ball, and rain down on enemies. Thunder

Advance Command Style

- A powerful and long-ranged Command Style that works best on the ground. The finisher of this Command Style is basically summoning three large earth crystals from the ground and sending them to damage enemies. Earth
Rock Breaker

- A versatile Command Style that hits enemies with slow, heavy attacks, but also exhibits long-range projectile attacks. The finisher consists of hiding in his shadow, appearing under his enemy and performing an uppercut with a dark claw. Dark
Dark Impulse

- A powerful Command Style that attacks surrounding enemies with spin attacks. The finisher consists of spinning around and hitting enemies, like a cyclone. Wind

- A Command Style designed to combat multiple enemies from all directions with a wingspan of phantom swords. The finisher consists of jumping in the air with the blades pointed downward; the user lands and causes a flash of light that damages nearby enemies. Non Elemental

- A high speed Command Style, it allows the user to attack enemies at high speeds while using after-image illusions and tricky movements to their advantage. The finisher consists of the user circling a certain area before creating an explosion. Non Elemental
Ghost Drive

Learn-able Command Styles

- In this Command Style, the weapon resembles a large, glowing sword. The finisher consists of the user spinning the blade to hit surrounding enemies, and then smashing it into the ground. Non Elemental

- a great midair advantage, it allows the user to ride their weapon around to attack foes from above at high speed. The finisher consists of the user mounting their weapon like a skateboard and hitting multiple enemies before heading skyward then crashing back down and finally, spinning on themselves, causing a small tornado. Non Elemental
Sky Climber

- An ice-based Command Style. The finisher consists of the user summoning multiple balls of ice that shatter after certain time (2 posts) and damages enemies. Ice
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Command Style
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