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 Attack Commands

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PostSubject: Attack Commands   Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:03 pm

In this thread you will find a list of the various Attack Commands and directions on how to use.

Attack Commands - These are your basic advance combos you can pick from. These require no MP to use but over use will result in GM. Regular members start with 4; Masters/Leaders start with 5; Elders start with 6. For images, please click the link.

Meteor Crash - It allows the user to leap high into the air and bring their weapon crashing down on their opponent, followed by a barrage of meteors.

Magic Hour - It allows the user to generate 1 pillar of light which damage the opponent.

Sliding Dash - It allows the user to quickly close in on a target and attack.

Dark Haze - The user cloaks themselves in darkness, and charges their enemies. This attack has a small chance to inflict instant death to weaker foes.

Sonic Blade - performs a series of charging attacks that will reach faraway enemies.

Zantetsuken - It consists of holding the weapon tip-backwards, then performing a single powerful slash through the opponent's body so quickly that the cut doesn't appear until after the technique is finished.

Strike Raid - It is a ranged attack that allows the user to hurl the weapon at enemies.

Ars Solum - The user assails enemies with a ferocious multi-hit combo that leaves petals of darkness in its wake.

Ars Arcanum - It allows the user to attack enemies with a massive combo attack that leaves petals of light in its wake.

Tornado Strike - It allows the user to knock surrounding enemies into the air with a series of whirlwinds.

Brutal Blast - The user knocks the enemy into the air, then performs a spinning attack to finish them off.

Collision Magnet - It allows the user to pull a single enemy toward them with magnetic force, then send it crashing into other foes.

Geo Impact - Consists of the user leaping down from the air with their weapon, causing large boulders to come out of the ground and deal additional physical damage to enemies.

Salvation - Consists of the user charging energy in a steady form, then swinging their weapon up. 6 Columns of light erupt from the ground around them, damaging any nearby enemies.

Windcutter - It allows the user to perform a spinning attack that creates a whirlwind to pick up foes and send them flying.

Wishing Edge - It allows the user to execute a jumping attack that hits three times.
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Attack Commands
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