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 Shiro Kurokumo

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PostSubject: Shiro Kurokumo   Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:14 pm

Name: Shiro
Group: Organization 13
Age: 15
Background: At the age of 10 Young Shiro had been abandon. Then out of no where came a heartless. While he was sitting there crying, the heartless came up to him and spoke to Shiro. After the conversation had ended, Heartless took Shiro down into the Darkness. Once he had entered the pit of darkness and appeared in front of a shore, Shiro wondered where the heartless was taking him. Soon after they had left the beach and walked forever, the lonely boy started getting more and more depressed and empty.
Personality: Shiro is a very unkind hearted person. He is always depressed and empty down inside. When he is around people nothing usually changes down inside of him. The Lonely Boy is just an empty heartless.
Character Description: Shiro is about a 5'5 and 110 pound child. His appearance is kept a secret until further down the line...
Character Picture:
Fighting Style:Magic, Speed, Strength, Defensive, Offensive

For Leaders Only
We have heard your cry Shiro and the darkness has accepted you.
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Shiro Kurokumo
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