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PostSubject: Character Shop   Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:47 am

Group: Keyblader/Organization 13 member
Character Description:
Character Picture:
Fighting Style: Magic, Speed, Strength, Defensive, Offensive

Your Story Thus Far: Optional

For Leaders Only
We have heard your cry ____(name)______ and the ____(light/darkness)_____ has ____(accepted/denied)_______ you.

[b]Group:[/b] [i]Keyblader/Organization 13 member[/i]
[b]Character Description:[/b]
[b]Character Picture:[/b]
[b]Fighting Style:[/b] [i]Magic, Speed, Strength, Defensive, Offensive[/I]

[b]Your Story Thus Far:[/b] [i]Optional[/i]

[b]Your Story Thus Far:[/b] [i]Optional[/i]

[U]For Leaders Only[/U]
We have heard your cry ____(name)______ and the ____([color=cyan]light[/color]/[color=darkblue]darkness[/color])_____ has ____([color=green]accepted[/color]/[color=red]denied[/color])_______ you.

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Character Shop
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