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 Stat System

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PostSubject: Stat System   Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:35 pm

In this area you will find the points certain ranks get. You will than take these points to your "journal entry" section, located under profile at the far right and input those values and the words beside it.

Members - 20 points.

Leaders/Masters - 23

High Council/Elder - 26

Speed Level
1- My speed is way below average, dodging big moves would be near impossible. I am slow.
2- My speed is low, though I'm not too slow, dodging big moves would be hard.
3- My speed is average for my rank. I am neither fast nor slow. Dodging big moves wouldn't be so hard.
4- My speed is above average, yet, I am not at the top speed. Dodging big moves are easier now.
5- My speed is extraordinary! I am able to avoid certain giant moves, and take little to no damage. But it will never be possible to dodge everything all the time.
LEVEL 6- A level that can only be learned by High Council and Elders, this is a secret level that allows those that have earned it to travel at blinding speeds for short periods. These speeds can be seen as yellow or blue blurs, and this greatly reduces stamina.

Strength Level
1- My strength is pathetic to say the least. I am weak, and it shows. Effectively duel wielding weapons would be taxing on me. Due to being scrawny, I am more nimble, but that doesn't mean I'm fast.
2- I am getting there, slowly. Being weak doesn't pay off, since I can't put much force behind my blows. I can put a little force, but not much. Still too weak to do much.
3- My strength is average, I am neither strong nor weak. I can now put more force behind my swings, and it pays off. I can duel wield shorter style weapons with great efficiency and speed..
4- My strength is above average. I am getting stronger and I can feel it. The force behind my single handed weapons is incredible; lower level Heartless should watch out. I can duel wield mid sized weapons with great efficiency and speed.
5- My strength is what we call, Olympus strength. I am strong, and it shows. I can easily destroy low to low-mid level heartless with a couple of swings and can easily battle against those that boast to be the strongest. I can duel wield any length of weapon with ease and speed.
LEVEL 6- A level that can only be learned by High Council and Elders, this is a secret level that allows those that have earned it to have superhuman strength, this severely cripples ones speed and reduces stamina quickly.

Stamina Level
1- My stamina is so low, I wake up late! Sprinting long distances wind me and lets not get started at practice, I easily tire and require rest in between.
2- I am able to run distances now, but still I tire quickly and fighting harder opponents, I would surely lose.
3- I have average stamina for my rank. I can continue fast movements for a bit before tiring out. Fighting harder opponents wouldn't be too bad, I should be able to keep up.
4- I have quite a bit of stamina, I can continue with fast paced movements and still have a lot left over to go running, if I survive. I have a large amount of stamina.
5- My stamina is what we call endless. I can run and keep running for miles before truly being exhausted. I can continue in never ending battles and may have a slight chance of survival, one can never be too sure of the outcome.

Endurance Level

1- My endurance is what we call, weak, low. Strong punches and blows would surely hurt or even beat me in one strike. Not really. But my endurance is low, and large amounts of blows would surely hurt.
2- Still I posses a low level of endurance, but I know now I can absorb some large blows, not many, but some. Still I will feel it after awhile.
3- I have medium endurance for my rank, I can take quite a few blows before it starts to hurt. After that time, I will surely begin to feel it.
4- My level of endurance is the highest, but its still strong. I can absorb quite a few large scale blows, after that, I don't know. Blows that strike me, will still hurt, but to a lesser degree.
5- My level of endurance, is the level that all should seek...its legendary! I can absorb quite a bit of pain before my mind and body break. But it would take quite a bit to push me to that. Weaker blows rarely hurt, but on some occasions that can sting quite bad.

Attack Level
1- My attacks are weak, and easy to understand. I cannot easily understand my opponents movements, nor my own. I just swing to swing. Very uncalibrated.
2- My swings and thrusts, are still off, though they are getting there. I think I can hit someone my size and larger. Its still quite hard for me to understand my opponent, I know they understand my sloppy movements.
3- My attacks are neither strong nor weak, they are average and eventually will hurt. I can no understand to a degree how read opponents attacks, my strikes are more spot on and I'm sure I can easily strike a pebble from the air, proving how much I learned.
4- My attacks are great, my strikes are deadly spot on and with this training I can easily read opponents moves. For them to read mine, they would have to be of legendary caliber, hope I never cross them, they could easily beat me.
5- My skill in attacking is like a library, I know almost all offensive attacks and can easily dissect opponents. But alas, there is one that posses skill abroad my own, and they are legends in attacking. Fighting them would be like fighting a god.
LEVEL 6 - A level that can only be learned by High Council and Elders, this is a secret level that allows those that have earned it to have an ultimate attack, unlike the other "LEVEL 6" this one allows one to have a better understanding of the attacking arts and have legendary status, this move does not allow direct hits. This greatly cripples defense and reduces stamina quickly.
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Stat System
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